Online Real Estate Classes

nori Contact Professor
Nori Muster
(480) 257-7889
norimuster - at - gmail
P.O. Box 41750
Mesa, AZ 85274

Mesa Community College
Southern and Dobson Campus
1833 West Southern Ave., BP4
Mesa, AZ 85202
Nori teaches these classes spring and fall semester:

Principles of Real Estate Law - REA 281 | syllabus
Real Estate Finance - REA 282 | syllabus
Property Management - REA 283 | syllabus

Textbook information
Index of all class materials
Laws that caused the 00s Housing Bubble and Crash - references to complete the REA 281 and 282 final exam.

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Info. on how to sign up for Mesa Community College and access Canvas, the online classroom.

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