Online Real Estate Classes
Through Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona

Prof. Nori Muster
(480) 257-7889 tele/txt
norimuster at gmail
P.O. Box 41750
Mesa, AZ 85274

Mesa Community College
Southern and Dobson Campus
1833 West Southern Ave., BP4
Mesa, AZ 85202
Nori teaches these classes every spring and fall semester:

Principles of Real Estate Law - REA 281 | syllabus
Real Estate Finance - REA 282 | syllabus
Property Management - REA 283 | syllabus

Textbook information
Index of all class materials
Laws that caused the 00s Housing Bubble and Crash - references to complete the REA 281 and 282 final exam.

Info. on how to sign up for Mesa Community College and access Canvas, the online classroom.

See the instructor's property management portfolio - click here.