Online Real Estate Classes at Mesa Community College

To search real estate classes, go to the website ( and click the "Class Schedule" link at the top. This will bring you to the schedule. On the left, you will see a drop down menu labeled "Course Subject." Scroll down and choose "Real Estate (REA)." That will show all the real estate classes available for enrollment.

The classes I teach are for general business credit, and requirements for various certifications or for the AA in business. My classes do not count toward your ninety hours of pre-licensure classroom hours to take the State exam. Contact Prof. John Beshk to learn more about earning your license through Mesa College.

Anyone can enroll at Mesa College and take classes online. Go the the website to find out more. My classes require a prerequisite override code. You can request this from me or Prof. John Beshk. To take the classes, you need some familiarity with the subject. These are not beginners classes.

Each of my classes count for eighteen units of continuing education for the Arizona Department of Real Estate, if you begin and complete the class within your renewal period. Look in the fine print of the syllabus or contact the instructor for information on using these classes for c.e.

How to Log Onto Canvas

Once you are enrolled and have your username/password information, go back to Canvas is one of the tabs along the top. Click to go to your classes.

Mesa College website

Once inside Canvas, you should see your classes, and it should work fairly intuitively. If you need assistance, contact the professor or Maricopa tech support. index and contact info.